World Language

Tunguska Constellation: A​.​e​.​r​.​o. – World Language

Tunguska Electronic Music Society

is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


Modern man is too busy solving his own problems. Too often we don’t notice beautiful and wonderful things that surround us, too many things go by, very close! This album is not about love, not about life and not about the nature of the Universe. It is about music – the world’s language, capable of describing any events, experience, feelings. A language, where words are the same, phrases are laconic, thoughts are understandable to a person of any nationality. Some pieces simpliciter portray the past, others try to carry the listener away from the Earth to cosmic spaces.

There are a lot of old-school sounding and vintage synth imitations in some tracks. There is nothing fancy, popular or revolutionary. No vocals were inserted. All we have there is relaxing and thoughtful music… It’s a 90% new stuff except Deep Breath and Orion specially remade for the album. The first one was written in 2009, the second – recently. I count on a close circle of listeners, who understand this type of sound. Special thanks to Vil Smith for the guitar recording on Like a Dream. This is my favorite track.

“World Language” became a kind of a line drawn under the years of my musical production. Among these eleven pieces one can find different musical genres. There’s not only chillout, but also ambient, lounge, psy chill, house-techno (one piece), downtempo together with experimental sounds and noises. MXY7 contains samples taken from the recordings of asian instruments. Also, there is a lot of reverb and ambience imitation, specially added to amplify the overall effect.

Mixed and mastered by Igor Lukyanets (aka Dave Milton). Many thanks for the help!

Free downloading, copying and sharing is greatly appreciated.
Enjoy the music, friends!


released 25 December 2013
Catalog#: TUNC 005
Written and produced by Albert Sipov (A.e.r.o.)
Guitar (track 2) by Vil Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Igor Lukianets (Dave Milton)
Album Cover by Albert Sipov (based on image by Sweetie187, license – Creative Commons Attribution)

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Minsk, Belarus

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